Welcome to the Luna Beauty Skincare Therapy and Waxing Studio

"I never really knew what a "good" facial was until I saw Sheila at Luna Beauty."


Sheila Hurtado, Licensed Esthetician
I have been specializing in Skin Care and Waxing for over ten years. When I was in my 20's I suffered from severe acne. Through my journey of learning about my own skin and how to take care of it, it became clear to me that I wanted to help others discover their path to beautiful skin.

I stand by 3 things:
1) Affordable skin care services
2) Products that are proven to work
3) Always give a service you would want done on yourself

I truly believe in affordable skin care and products, having wasted so much money myself in trying to find a “solution” to my own skin problems. Therefore I strive to provide my clients a variety of services and products that they can afford.

I graduated with honors from the School of International Esthetics but I mastered the art of waxing while apprenticing in Argentina 15 years ago. From head to toe, I can customize any waxing request from a personalized Brazilian to well-defined eyebrows. No job is too big or small!

It is my intention to build lasting relationships by providing world-class service and offering the highest quality of natural products to my clients.

We are proud to use all-natural and organic products for facials and waxing.

To book an appointment online please visit, http://lunabeauty.schedulista.com

  • Sheila is AMAZING. I had the most wonderful facial ever with Sheila. She is so caring and knowledgeable. The whole experience was wonderful. I recommend Sheila to all my friends.
    - Mercela Solari
  • Simply magical! The Resonance Center for Bodywork is truly an oasis for wellness...The amount of services the offer is awesome and is something for everyone...Erika and Sheila are great and I can recommend both!
    - I.Z.
  • 've been to see Sheila Hurtado twice now for microdermabrasion and facial services. She is very passionate about what she does and is very good at directing you during your session in ways to relax. She really enjoys and cares about what she does and that shows. And she always has referrals and suggestions to give you on your health and beauty needs. Fabulous eyebrow shaper, too! Love going to see her!
    -Felicia Carabajal
  • Sheila is the best! Every single treatment I have had from Sheila has been stellar! She has a way of making me feel comfortable, even in the most intimate situations :) I appreciate how clean, colorful and comfy her place is. Sheila is highly skilled, passionate and a pure joy to be with! Thanks Sheila!
    - S.M.Z
  • What a facial! I have been getting facials regularly in different countries, and I can sincerely say that Sheila's facial ranks on top of them all! With great attention to detail, Sheila demonstrates a genuine interest in her client's skin and overall comfort. As such, her facials are not only cleansing, but also soothing. I highly recommend you make an appointment asap!
    - Ladan A.
  • This was the BEST facial I've ever had. Love the rooms & the tech's I came in contact with. Felt comfortable and at home. Look forwad to furure visits.
    - Julia Rivera-Torrez
  • My anti-aging facial with Sheila was wonderful. She is so thorough, calm, peaceful and is so skilled at what she does to make skin look healthy and youthful. And she was so accomodating and caring to make everything relaxing and enjoyable for me. I am also seeing a lovely difference in my face with the products that she recommended. Definitely continuing with her as my skin care specialist.
    - Sally Downs
  • Wow!.....Sheila is fabulous..What a treat my session was. Never having a microdermabrasion before, Sheila explained to me the process prior and then during the process, she told me what she was going to do as she was doing it. I was throughly impressed and totally comfortable. What a treat! I will be making another appointment in he near future. You will not be disappointed!!!!!!
    - Catherine Jarrett